In the last few years we have noticed a multitude of trends regarding how we can perfect our bodies, and we have probably also taken one or the other with us.

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Clean colon – Beauty from inside.

In the last few years we have noticed a multitude of trends regarding how we can perfect our bodies, and we have probably also taken one or the other with us.

For example, cryotherapy has become a huge hit, especially in the last two years. Cryotherapy uses cold in the form of air, water, gas or ice on parts of the body. The cold has a decongestant, temperature-reducing, pain-relieving effect and should not only strengthen the immune system and circulation, but also prevent cellulite, for example. But not only icy cold, also facial treatments, for which you sometimes have to pay hundreds of euros and which promise perfect skin and anti-aging, have become increasingly popular in recent years. And if you haven’t had enough of all the external beauty treatments, you now have an enormous selection of different diets that promise weight loss within a few weeks, preferably without straining the body. However, what one seems to forget with all the diets, treatments and cold shocks that one takes on is the good old saying “Beauty comes from within” or “You are what you eat”. But what does that even mean?

If you concentrate on saying “you are what you eat”, it simply means that our body reacts to what we eat and drink every day, in the form of food and drink, but also through our environment.

“Beauty comes from within” also means that if you have healthy internal organs and your body is doing well, you can also see it on the outside, regardless of whether you have clearer skin or a flatter stomach.

The question that now arises is where do you start if you want to do something good for your body?

A healthy, balanced diet and enough exercise are the first steps in the right direction. Be it a daily walk or run in the park or through focused strength training – sport is simply good for the body and the mind. According to the WHO, you should do at least 150 minutes of sport a week in order to have a positive effect on the body. After training, blood pressure and insulin values drop for a few hours, after a few months the heart adapts to the new load, so blood pressure and resting heart rate remain lower even without training, which particularly relieves the heart and in turn lowers the risk of illness. Strength training strengthens the bones and muscles, and balanced training also strengthens the immune system and thus lowers the risk of developing diabetes or certain types of cancer. Sport, however, is not only good for our body, it also has a positive effect on the brain and stimulates the intellectual capacity. But even with the most well-trained cross-fitters or the most disciplined athletes, who only feed their body the best and most balanced foods and follow routines in a disciplined manner, be it in daily training or the tight nutrition plan, it can happen that the body does not is at the height of his health.

But what exactly can this be?

As is so often the case, the answer to this question lies in our environment. We owe it to our nature that we can absorb a large part of the vitamins and other important substances through our food or, as in the case of vitamin D, through our skin. However, we can absorb not only healthy, but unfortunately also less healthy substances through our environment, which, if too high, are harmful to our body and our health. For example, too much UV radiation is carcinogenic. Heavy metals are also present in our environment and can accumulate in our body. For example, poisoning from these metals is one of the causes of chronic fatigue. The question is, how can you protect yourself against such environmental influences? In the case of UV radiation, the whole thing proves to be a relatively minor problem, as you can simply protect yourself against it with a good and daily applied sunscreen. But what about substances like heavy metals, we can only control their absorption to a limited extent? The product ** Chlorella ** can help detoxify the body from such heavy metals. Chlorella is a freshwater algae commonly used as a dietary supplement by vegans, similar to Spirulina. Chlorella is a bioavailable source of iron and vitamin B12 and binds heavy metals at the same time. Chlorella binds chemical elements such as heavy metals or hydrocarbons and excretes them through the digestive system thanks to their membrane structure and composition. But not only the detoxification of the body is one of the many positive effects of Chlorella.

The combined chlorophyll power of copper-chlorophyllin, Chlorella Vulgaris and C.

Pyrenoidosa contained in the product cleanses the colon and skin, supplies important nutrients such as vitamin B12 and proteins and improves general well-being. Cleansing the colon brings some health benefits. Not only does it prevent colon problems, it also regenerates the intestinal microbiome. This will eliminate problems such as gas, diarrhea, constipation, cramps and general malaise. Chlorella also has the ability to limit oxidation, which is caused by the formation of free radicals and which cause cell aging. This anti-aging potential is also evident in certain connective tissue cells and has a protective function against oxidative stress and cancer. A balanced blood lipid balance is a sign of good health. Certain chlorella algae extracts are able to regulate blood lipid levels. This makes Chlorella a recognized supplement for the improvement of hyperlipidemia and hyperglycemia.

The immune system is the guarantee for the protection of our body against all attacks to which it is exposed. Various studies on Chlorella show its immune-stimulating effect, which is due to an increased production of the molecules responsible for the immune response. Thanks to this ability, the Chlorella can be used as a remedy for fatigue and as an antidepressant. It also increases physical endurance.


But who exactly can benefit from this product?

The answer is simple: everyone!
Regardless of whether they are top athletes, teenagers, stay at home mothers and fathers, working people or grandparents, everyone can benefit from a clean colon. For top athletes, the Chlorella product helps with regeneration after training, for teenagers it can help cleanse the skin, for tired parents, Chlorella can help to regenerate overnight and energize them for the new day. Chlorella can therefore be used by any age group and gender, regardless of job or lifestyle, to improve overall health and wellbeing.


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