Questions and answers about magnesium

The mixture covers the basic needs of the human body for magnesium. The combination of three highly bioavailable and bioactive magnesium compounds ensures perfect absorption and best results.

This mixture does not contain fillers, additives or low-quality ingredients. Only the best chelates that actually help the body and nervous system are used. No oxides, carbonates or stearates.

You will sleep deeper, recover better and have more energy.

Magnesium citrate, magnesium bis-glycinate and magnesium L-aspartate

Please take Magnesium Blend in the evening 60-30 minutes before bedtime. This product is designed to improve your sleep and recovery, so do not take it in the morning.

The recommended daily dose is covered with 1 pill. If you are an active person who works out or plays sports, or are a larger person, you may take more than one pill. Some of our powerlifter athletes take 4 every night.

This product contains only the highest quality active ingredients that are not contaminated by fillers and cheaper variants of the active ingredient. Pharmacies rarely sell nutritional supplements with high dosages and strong effects.

Magnesium overdose is possible and is usually manifested by diarrhea. However, this happens mainly with low-quality compounds such as oxide or carbonate that have poor bioavailability.

The only side effect most commonly encountered is diarrhea caused by poor bioavailability of the magnesium salts used.

Magnesium Blend should be taken in the evening, preferably 1h-30 before sleep.

This product should be taken daily to address the prevalent magnesium deficiency especially in the western world.

In general, the bioavailability of the organic forms of magnesium is higher and therefore better than that of the inorganic forms. Different forms of magnesium utilize different channels, so a varied use of different compounds is beneficial and necessary to reap the full benefits of magnesium.

Most forms of magnesium, whether organic or inorganic, have their respective benefits and can be used to induce specific effects in the human body.