Questions and answers about ENERGY Blend

It works like a multivitamin with a focus on energy production at the cellular level. All micronutrients plus more energy without caffeine.

The energy blend is designed to provide you with all the necessary micronutrients you need on a daily basis. It also supports your immune system, helps with digestion and supports the colon through medicinal mushrooms. Another advantage is the control of blood glucose levels and the stabilization of insulin levels.

This product is the only one of its kind on the market. It combines a variety of very powerful and unique ingredients into a truly effective supplement. Everyone can benefit from it, because almost everyone suffers from micro-nutrient deficiencies and sometimes energy deficiencies.

Stabilization of blood sugar levels, control of hunger pangs, no cravings for sweets, higher energy levels, improved digestion and bowel movement.

Take this product in the morning with plenty of water and breakfast. If you don't eat breakfast, make sure you drink enough water.

You can either take all the tablets at once or spread them out over the first part of the day.

Yes, by definition it is a multivitamin that can do more than a regular multivitamin.

This product is caffeine free.

There are no known side effects. But keep in mind that everyone may react differently to different supplements. So there might be some unknown side effects. A doctor should always be consulted before taking any dietary supplements.

The recommended daily dose is reached with 3 tablets. Bigger, taller, and physically very active or very tired people might need more tablets than that. We recommend not to take more than 6 tablets per day.

This supplement is intended for daily consumption. You can take it all year round. We need micronutrients all the time not in a cyclical way.

We have developed a supplement that will help you feel more energetic and maintain energy levels throughout the day. The absence of caffeine in our blend is also an important part of our formula. The energy you feel and use is not generated by stimulants.